ESG investing – The new normal?

Needless to say that the events of the last several months have caused large scale disruptions to the lives of everyone and will no doubt fundamentally change our outlook on many issues. Possibly one of the few beneficiaries from the enforcement of global lockdowns across the world could be considered to be the environment. Reportedly, air quality has improved due to the fewer cars on the road, the skies are free from the condensation trails left by aircrafts, while in Italy, the Venice canals have never looked clearer, as motorised boats and giant cruise ships have disappeared.

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First Impressions Count: Gary Cowley.

Partner at Suckling Waddington explained first impressions are important, so when clients walk through our door they are greeted quickly by our administrators, who are welcoming and friendly and make our clients feel at ease. In our launch into the world of social media we want to convey the same ethos and approach of being warm and welcoming. The company has existed since 1973. We have a good reputation locally and a lot of clients.

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A Warm Welcome To Our Office: Gary Cowley.

Our office building is an old terraced house. It does not have neon signs at the front, but it is ideal for our client bank. The vast majority of our clients are from Worcestershire and Warwickshire, areas that are traditionally laid back and warm. People want an experience that matches that. Gary Cowley was interviewed by Citywire about the importance of first impressions and a warm reception. “I can understand the temptation to have a flashy office, where it looks like there is a lot of money being spent on it.

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