We spoke to Administrator Jackie Conway about working her way up in the Financial Services industry, the benefits of using her background experience to cut through the terminology of the financial world, and tips for effectively managing your finances.

How did you get into Financial Services?

I joined Lloyds Bank straight from school, working my way up to a Retail Branch Manager and gaining my qualification as an Associate of the Chartered Bankers (ACIB). From there, I moved to Birmingham Midshires, working with a team of mortgage advisers and gaining the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) qualifications, before moving to Santander as firstly a mortgage adviser and subsequently a Financial Adviser, giving investment, pension and protection advice; whilst in this role I gained my Diploma in Financial Services.

In 2018, I wanted to take a sideways step and dip my toe into the wider world of independent financial advice, so I joined a firm in Worcester before taking an 18-month sabbatical during Covid. I’d worked with Lindsey Jones in a former role, so joining SWP was a logical next step, especially as the firm likes to recruit on recommendation.

I’m part-time here, working two days a week and looking after my mum, who’s in her 90s, the rest of the time.

What is your area of expertise?

I’m one of four Administrators on the team, and we all share a varied role, from processing applications, proofreading and issuing reports to gathering information from providers.

I work with Iveta, looking after Paul on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I’m in the office. Paul tends to use different platform providers, so I’m always learning and exploring new things.

What do you enjoy about working at SWP?

It’s such a lovely team here at SWP and a great working environment.

I love a challenge and I’m constantly learning new things about the advisory process. We provide much broader advice to clients than retail banking, so I find listening to the IFAs and processing their work really interesting.

My previous work experience has been really helpful in understanding the advice that is being given, and has helped me understand the new systems and processes.

What tips would you give to clients for making administration of their financial affairs easier to manage?

Always attend the review meetings and ask questions – take an interest in the advice that is being given. The more clients understand what they have got, the more peace of mind they can have.

Be organised and have everything in one place, whether in a box, a notebook, or a folder on a computer.

Share the info with a partner or spouse – even if one of you manages everything, ensure that you share the information and have it in a central place so people can access it in an emergency.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, John, and we are avid concert goers, we like musical theatre particularly the West End shows – I’m happy to go and give anything a whirl – and I also enjoy eating out and seeing friends.

I starting going to the gym a couple of years ago and now do two to three classes per week, which is something I never saw coming! I love Body Balance, Circuits and Spin Classes; it’s great for improving overall fitness, and offsetting calories! It also clears the head and provides me with some relaxing ‘me time’.

For more information on how SWP’s specialist team of financial advisors can help you manage your investments, visit www.sucklingwaddington.co.uk.