SWP Lite

A light touch service, SWP Lite offers an introduction to financial management for clients with existing pensions and investments under £100,000.

The model portfolios that we use are the result of years of experience and research. Ranging from cautious to adventurous, the more risk you are prepared to take, the more return you should expect over the medium-to-long term.

The passive portfolios we offer in this service range from three to seven on the risk scale, to offer our clients a good mix of safe investments and high returns.

Managing your investments

With SWP Lite, our clients have unlimited access to account information via an online WRAP service.

The WRAP is a sophisticated computer system which brings together all the independent elements of your financial portfolio, including pensions, ISAs and investment bonds, allowing you to manage them all through one interface.

SWP Lite works by matching your attitude to risk to a risk rated portfolio. Portfolios are either passive or active, and we source the most cost-effective solution available. With access to your account online, you’ll receive an annual valuation and performance report.

SWP Lite grants access to a personal adviser. Additional costs may be incurred, depending on the level of advice required, all of which will be clear and transparent.

If your investments exceed £100,000 due to new investments or growth, you will be invited to join the SWP Wealth Service. If you have less than £100,000 you may still opt for SWP Wealth, subject to minimum fees.

Client Feedback

I have been with Suckling Waddington for the past 6 years. I needed a company I could trust and feel relaxed with. Gary always explained things in a language I understood. Suckling Waddington is still a perfect choice for me.

Angela Crump

I felt the advice Eamonn gave me was strong and sound. It has given us a chance to get ourselves back on our feet again after the recession. His advice was clear and left us reassured and confident about our future.

Raymond Shaw

Our adviser is always approachable, professional and straightforward and has given valuable advice to our clients concerning Investment Management and Pension Planning. At each review, his advice is delivered in a straightforward way, free of technical jargon which is appreciated both by me and our clients.

Simon Fosh

I have been extremely happy with the service, advice and attention to detail that I have received from Eamonn and I always feel happy that my financial affairs are being carefully looked after.

Barbara Church