MPA is proud to support trainee compliance officer, Sam Davies, with a £250 donation towards her challenge to raise funds for Bliss, a leading UK charity which supports babies born premature or sick.

One in seven babies born in the UK require specialist care and without the support of charities like Bliss, over 90,000 babies would not receive what they need at a vital time.

Throughout May, Sam will be walking 62 miles to raise funds to improve neonatal care in the UK. Her grandson, now a healthy and happy two-year-old, was born prematurely at 26 weeks. Weighing just one pound, the little one spent three months in neonatal care. Sam wants to give something back for the specialist care her grandchild received and help drive improvements in essential early care.

For 40 years, Bliss has championed the right of babies born needing neonatal care by supporting families and healthcare professionals, campaigning for change and funding and enabling life-changing research.

Today, babies on the neonatal unit have a better chance of survival than 40 years ago, due in no small part to the role that Bliss supporters have played in improving care for babies over the years.

Although there has been a transformation of neonatal care since Bliss was founded, there is still a critical shortage of neonatal nurses, services are under pressure with limited resources. Thousands of parents also still have to return to work when their baby is in hospital.

Phil McGovern, Director at MPA, said:  We’re extremely proud to support Sam’s challenge through the MPA Charitable Foundation. Championing our team members who have first-hand experience of what these incredible charities can do to support families in trying times is exactly why we set up the foundation. All the best to Samantha with her fundraising endeavours for this very worthy cause.”

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